when I decided to leave my marketing job to start photography, I had one clear principle - To be the reason for a thousand smiles. It has been several years now and I have clicked many wonderful faces and places, eventually to learn that everyone really wants to smile...and I am glad to capture it!

Love letters from brides

Monica is amazing and has a unique point of view. While others focus on taking pictures of people, she captures moments. Big or small, she captures your wedding exactly as you have dreamed. She doesn't just take pictures of the event & the venue, but also all the hard work that goes into organizing the wedding beautifully. Monica doesn't just click, she connects!

Monica is not just an amazing photographer, but she's an amazing and really easy person to work with!

Weddings are an intimate affair and having Monica is like having family around, she blends in effortlessly and takes beautiful candid images.

Me and my husband love our wedding pictures and they will always be with us for life, thanks to Monica.

I am glad to have found Monica after researching several photographers.

She is extremely professional, yet personable. She scouted the locations in advance, helped select the perfect outfit and also helped with the make up.

She is an extremely warm person and understands Indian families really well. She had no hiccups in clicking pictures on request either.


Monica has made a mark by making a simple wedding look endearing. We loved her photography skills and focus on minute details.